2017, June 12-18


• Geri Allen was born in Pontiac on June 12th, 1957.
• Geri Allen 1957 年月6日12出生於 庞蒂亚克
• El día 12 de junio de 1935 Geri Allen nacía en Pontiac.   


• Doc Cheatham was born in Nashville on June 13th, 1905.
• Doc Cheatham 1905 年月6日13出生於纳什维尔。
• El día 13 de junio de 1905 Doc Cheatham nacía en Nashville.   

• John Simmons was born in Haskell on June 14th, 1918.
• John Simmons 1918 年月6日14出生於纳什维尔Haskell。  
• El día 14 de junio de 1918 John Simmons nacía en Haskell.


• Erroll Garner was born in Pittsburgh on June 15th, 1921.
• Erroll Garner 1921 年月6日15出生於匹兹堡。  
• El día 15 de junio de 1921 Erroll Garner nacía en  Pittsburgh.   

• Lucky Thompson was born in Columbia on June 16th, 1924.
• Lucky Thompson 1924年月6日16出生於哥伦比亚。  
• El día 16 de junio de 1924 Lucky Thompson nacía en Columbia.

• June 17, 1969: The Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra records ”Central Park North”.  
• 1969年6月17日: The Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra錄製 ”Central Park North”。
• El día 17 de junio de 1969 The Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra graba ”Central Park North”.

• Ray McKinley was born in Fort Worth on June 18th, 1910.
• Ray McKinley 1910 年月6日18出生於沃思堡。  
• El día 18 de junio de 1910 Ray McKinley nacía en Fort Worth.


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