The History of European Jazz

Edited by Francesco Martinelli, journalist, teacher and music historian, The History of European Jazz – The Music, Musicians and Audience in Context is a history of the 20th century European Jazz, which helps to chronologically and geographically place, nation by nation, the development of jazz music, in each country’s cultural background, by drawing from sources which have not been translated before into English and which are available in the Darmstadt Jazz, Siena Jazz, Dutch Jazz, Danish Jazz Archives…

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Alain Gerber
Le Roi du Jazz
Bayard Jeunesse

The children’s novel Le roi du jazz (The king of jazz), written by Alain Gerber, is set in New Orleans at the beginning of the 20th century, and tells the story of Léon and Noël, two friends for life that dream of becoming musicians, but Léon is black and poor, while Noël is white and comes from a wealthy family. The novel tells their adventures, on the background of the racist society and the hate between black and white people in the United States at the beginning of last century.

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