Scott Dubois
Autumn Wind
ACT, 2017

Connected to the previous album Winter Light released in 2015, the new record by Scott Dubois, Autumn Wind, published by ACT, features the historic trio who has been accompanying the American musician for a decade, with Thomas Morgan on double bass, Gebhard Ullmann of saxophone and Kresten Osgood on drums…

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Nina Pedersen
Eyes Wide Open
Losen, 2017

Eyes Wide Open is Nina Pedersen’s new album; the Norwegian singer, who has been living in Rome for twenty years, where she teaches, writes and plays music. The record features Giampaolo Scatozza, Pierpaolo Principato, Marco Loddo and Aldo Bassi and Paolo Innarella as special guests.

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Billie Holiday
The Complete Billie Holiday Song Book
Essential Jazz Classics, 2017

Published by Essential Jazz Classics, this double CD collects all the American singer’s studio recordings: classical tracks such as “God Bless the Child”, or “Lady Sings the Blues”, as well as some very rare and lesser known songs…

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Preservation Hall Jazz Band
So It Is
Legacy, 2017

So It Is is the Preservation Hall Jazz Band new album that, by following New Orleans’ jazz tradition, is proposing a work inspired by the Afro-Cuban sound, by Fela Kuti’s afrobeat and by John Coltrane’s music…

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Fulvio Palese
Alfa Music, 2017

The new work by the saxophone player Fulvio Palese is entitled Alétheia, released by Alpha Music; recorded in quarted with Piero Vincenti on piano and keyboards, Francesco Pennetti on drums and Paolo Romano on electric bass, …

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Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet
Motema, 2017

Jersey is the second album by Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet, featuring the leader on drums, the “new entry” Fabian Almazan on piano, Jason Rigby on sax and Chris Morrissey on double bass. The album is the continuation of Family First, issued in 2015, and contains several original tracks written by the leader and a reinterpretation of David Bowie’s “Where Are We Now?”.

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Emanuele Sartoris, Marco Bellafiore
I suoni del male, Docicilune, 2017

Dodicilune label will release on November 16 I suoni del male, the new record by the duo featuring Emanuele Sartoris on piano and Marco Bellafiore on double bass. The album is inspired by Charles Baudelaire’s very famous volume The flowers of evil (Les Fleurs du Mal).

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