Jazz Art
An Interview with Alessandro Curadi

I got to know one of the most interesting artists I’ve ever met under the stage of 2016 JAZZMI in Milan, but he is not a musician: his name is Alessandro Curadi and is an artist who portraits with watercolors the big jazz musicians and not only. I saw him portraying Ron Carter, Dee Dee Bridgewater and John Scofield. I saw him painting in the dark by following the melodies and creating what he felt and observed in that precise moment, and the portraits he performed are incredible, not to mention that the artists, at the end of the concert, often sign the works because they see themselves portrayed in a unique way. Alessandro Curadi’s work is a proof of how much inspiration you can take from music and how much the Arts can coexist at different levels.

> Luca Vantusso

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Jazz Photography
Jack An

I met Jack at the 2016 Ascona Jazz Festival and, by watching him working, I was capable to appreciate his care for the atmosphere on stage and his search for the right moment. His youth does not prevent him to see music with an expert look and it was a pleasure for me to cooperate with him during the same festival. He definitely is an accurate photographer, capable of transmitting the actual feeling of a precise moment.

> Luca Vantusso

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