North Clouds
A few questions to Fabio Giachino

Image Credits: Fabio Giachino © Leonardo Schiavone

July 17, 2017
Fabio Giachino, rising star of European pianism, in 2017 played in Nepal, Lebanon, Europe and USA. We have interviewed the artist after his journey to Copenhagen, where he presented his last record, North Clouds.

You just finished a creative residency in Denmark and an Italian tour with two musicians you met on that occasion. In which way has Northern Europe changed your music? Which incitements did you get from changing your usual trio for a tour?
The Northern Europe experience made me discover and acquire new ideas and incitements as far as my musical language is concerned, and made me aware, once again, of the many things that I still have to learn, besides giving me a clearer idea of my present possibilities.
As for the concerts with Matthias and Espen, I was actually a little worried at the beginning, it was the first time I played in a group with my name which was totally featuring foreign artists. I have to say that it went far better than expected and I’m very happy about this! I also want to stress that North Clouds is a parallel project to my usual trio with Davide Liberti and Ruben Bellavia, that I never thought of leaving or replacing. The music and the sound of the two groups are obviously completely different!
You spent a week in Nepal for the UNESCO day. What was the impact with Asia like?
It was my first time in that area, and I had a pleasant impression about the situation, notwithstanding the Country’s problems and disadvantages, I didn’t expect anything like that! I hope to have the possibility of going back in the future, and to go also to other surrounding Countries. Generally speaking, I can say that Asia is new to the jazz language in a wider sense (except for Japan and China, maybe), in comparison to Western Countries and, thanks to this, there’s a lot of interest in this “new” music.
Your new record, as the tour, was made with your new companions. Did you change the approach to recording – writing, arrangements, etc. – according to the new line up, or was it a natural process?
The record North Clouds is kind of a diary of last summer, that I spent in Denmark. I want to thank MIDJ once again for letting me live this residency. Let’s say that I was writing music all the time, in different places in Copenhagen or outside, in the airport and even on the beach… each track has a precise placement and meaning, and the interpretation of the Danish musicians I developed the project with, made all the rest.
I want to underline that the record was produced by Tosky Records in cooperation with Blueart label, without whom it wouldn’t have been possible to develop the project.
Your summer is rich of appointments: which are the most important? Which are your next projects?
Among the different concerts, I want to remind North Clouds presentation to the New York Italian Institute of Culture and to Copenhagen Jazz Festival; then I’ll have three concerts in Lebanon with the Italian trio for the Music Fest.
After that, there will be some concerts in Italy with other projects among which the duo with Javier Girotto, a quartet with the Catalan trumpet player David Pastor and then some solo and trio concerts here and there.
The updated schedule can be found on my website

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