Enrico Rava double european tour

Image Credits: © Leonardo Schiavone

May 5th, 2017
Double European tour for the Italian trumpet player Enrico Rava: from 10th to 21st May in duo with the American piano player and composer Geri Allen, and from July 6th to 23rd in quintet with the Polish trumpet player Tomasz Stanko. Here are the dates:

Enrico Rava – Geri Allen Duo

10/05 Vienna (Austria)

11/05 Liège (Belgium)

12/05 Neuburg (Germany)

13/05 Vincennes (France)

17/05 Correggio, RE Crossroads (Italy)

18/05 Vicenza, Vicenza Jazz Festival (Italy)

19/05 Turin, Narrazioni Jazz (Italy)

20/05 Milan, Unicredit Pavilion (Italy)

21/05 Katowice (Poland)

Enrico Rava e Tomasz Stanko Quintet

06/07 La Spezia, Festival Internazionale del Jazz della Spezia (Italy)

08/07 Ghent (Belgium)

08/07 Rotterdam (Netherlands)

09/07 Garâna (Romania)

11/07 Perugia, Umbria Jazz (Italy)

12/07 Cremona, Festival Acquedotte (Italy)

13/07 Terranuova Bracciolini (Italy)

14/07 Rome, Vittoriano (Italy)

15/07 Vienna (Austria)

16/07 Jarocin (Poland)

18/07 Ancona, Ancona Jazz Summer Festival (Italy)

20/07 Molde (Norway)

21/07 Stresa, Stresa Festival (Italy)

22/07 Montalcino (Italy)

23/07 Ravello, Ravello Festival (Italy)

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