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Barka Fabianova

Image Credits: Barka Fabianova © Ioana Taut

Aug 3, 2017
JazzEspresso readers have already been able to admire the pictures of the Czech photographer Barka Fabiánová. Barka distinguishes herself for the refined framing style and tonal range richness. A classical and contemporary style at the same time. Enjoy your reading.

Who’s Barka Fabianova?
I’m a Czech photographer. From small club shows to big stages, I’m trying to capture atmosphere, emotions and connection between stage and audience. My work has been published online and in print in many outlets as well as used for various CDs and other promotional work. My photo of Tcheka, Cape verde guitarist and songwriter, has been selected as one of 30 pictures in Jazz World Photo 2015 competition with the best International Jazz Photographers. I’m not a professional photographer, in my ordinary life I work in a scientific library.
Why Jazz photography? Are you only interested in Jazz?
With music like jazz you can go usually close to the stage and create a sort of intimate relationship between you and musicians.  Jazz is full of emotions, but it’s a big challenge to capture them. I’m not only interested in jazz, I love a lot of music styles, I can say I’m addicted to music.
Do you want to share with us an anecdote about your relationship with jazz musicians?
One of the strongest moment I have connected with jazz was a meeting with Sonny Rollins. With the saxophone on the stage he seems so big, but we shortly met after the show and he looked so fragile.  But he still has fire in his eyes.
Do you have any recommendations for beginners?
Show your respect to others. Don’t use flash. Try to be invisible. See with your own ears and listen with your own eyes.
What’s your favorite camera?
I’m a Canon girl. Usually I use Canon 70D.
The pic you’d wish to have taken?
I would like to travel back in time to New York jazz clubs in 50´s and capture the atmosphere there.


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