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Eddy Westveer

Image Credits: © Eddy Westveer, © EDDY WESTVEER

Eddy Westveer is a Dutch photographer; both in colour and black and white photography he takes elegant and natural images,   never using special effects. Many of his pictures unveil the attention he pays to the things happening around and besides the concerts.
Who’s Eddy Westveer?
Photographer living in the Netherlands and happily married with Ella, who is a jazz lover as well. Enjoying life, good music, food and drinks, always look at the bright side of life (thank you Monty Python), showing respect to others. Working as a professional photo-grapher since 2008.
Why Jazz photography? Are you only interested in Jazz?
Because it is the music that I love. However there is jazz and jazz and there is good music and bad music. And there are expressive musicians and musicians who hardly show emotions. So when it comes to photography there are other choices to be made which have to be an interesting topic of the photo.
Not only jazz, not only music. There is also commercial photography. And this year I have an exhibition in my hometown about the city of Tokyo and yes of course there was a jazz festival in Tokyo as well…
Do you want to share with us an anecdote about your relationship with jazz musicians?
For some time I had a real advantage being a jazz programmer for a venue as well as being photographer at festivals like North Sea Jazz. I remember embarrassing moments when musicians recognized me instead of me recognizing the musician.  And then there was a concert in 2007 with alto player Frank Morgan. Before the concert we had dinner together and he liked to have fish, but I helped him to fillet the fish and after the concert I helped him to roll a joint. It was such a nice man and thankful for the moments that he was given. About six weeks later he died at the age of 73.
Do you have any recommendations for beginners?
Think about the audience and the musicians. Hold your clicks when you think people can hear you. A concert is not a safari!
What’s your favorite camera?
I work with Nikon and my most used one is a D4.
The pic you’d wish to have taken?
There was that moment at a festival. My wife and I were sitting front row and after the concert Ornette Coleman received a bouquet of beautiful roses on stage and he gave it to my wife…

Eddy Westveer
website: www.eddywestveer.com, www.meerdaneenfoto.nl
mail: eddy.westveer@planet.nl
mobile: +31 (0) 6 53 37 59 28
phone: +31 (0) 113 21 28 31

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