John Scofield’s Uberjam European Tour

Image Credits: John Scofield © Markus Lackinger

July 5, 2017
John Scofield’s Uberjam European Tour will start tomorrow, Thursday July 6. The musician will be accompanied by Avi Bortnick, Andy Hess and Dennis Chambers.
Here are the scheduled dates:
July 6 Konsberg
July 7 Montreux
July 8 Wadowice
July 9 Garana
July 11 Prague
July 12 Plzen
July 13 London
July 14 Edinburgh
July 15 Andorra
July 16 Alicante
July 17 Madrid
July 18 Rome
July 19 Karlsruhe
July 21 Jena
July 22 Wuppertal
July 23 Fano
July 25 Marcianise
July 26 Paris
July 28 Riga
July 29 St. Petersburgh
July 30 Leuven

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