July 24 – August 7
Siena Jazz International Summer Workshops

Image Credits: Siena Jazz © Franco Cameroni

July 24, 2017
On the occasion of the celebrations for the 40 years of the Institution (1977-2017), Siena jazz – Accademia nazionale del jazz organizes from July 24 to August 7 the 47th edition of the “Siena Jazz International Summer Workshops”. The workshops are reserved to a maximum number of 120 young musicians, followed by 34 teachers, of which 14 from Italy and 20 foreigners, mainly from USA. Siena Jazz International Summer Workshops are a unique occasion for the students to specialize with great musicians, in a up-to-date facility for teaching, technical and instrumental standards, while for the public it is a big chance to join an intensive 15 days featuring more than 100 musical line-ups. The complete programme of the concerts can be found on the website http://www.sienajazz.it.

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