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February 12, 2018
La Pingo’s Orquesta is a Mexican sextet characterized by a kaleidoscope of sounds and that is now promoting the second album Peregrino.
> Ivano Rossato

How was La Pingo’s Orquesta born?
Marco Gregoire – The group started with two members playing in the streets of Aguascalientes city. Some months after other two components joined the band, and then we decided to compose the first album with a line-up featuring Yarib Bautista on violin, Gerardo Castmu on guitar, Claudio Gardea on drums, and Marco Gregoire on double bass. With that first album, the band was able to reach all the country. After José Lara on trumpet and Edgar Estrada on clarinet joined us, the Pingo’s Orquesta recorded Peregrino, a second album gathering all the adventures and experiences we passed through.

How was the album Peregrino conceived and what kind of message would you like to communicate through it?
Cristian Bautista – Peregrino was conceived after having travelled a lot, after getting closer to many musical genres. Each one of us has passed through different musical paths, but our influences merge in folk music. We like a lot the traditional music of the different countries. We wanted to transmit in the record the feeling of wandering around and we did not follow a unique musical style. We’re partly jazz players but we also are very influenced by Mexican music; Todd Clouser was our producer and we are very happy about the result, as Peregrino has just been nominated by Bandcamp as one of the best jazz albums.
Your sound is a mix of different musical genres and cultures. How did you approach the composition of the new material?
José Lara – We have a collective approach in creating music: we always try to tell a story, even if there are no lyrics or vocals to accompany the music, and we always try to transmit feelings and moods, which are able to take the listeners with them.
Besides entertaining the audience, which is the role of the musician?
Edgar Estrada – We believe that music is much more than a single entertainment, that it is a language and a form of communication. Besides promoting our music, we carry on a lot of activities for the community: if we perform in a festival, we offer a concert to children and it usually is an educational concert where we interact with them. We perform this kind of concerts also in prisons, orphanages, kindergartens and schools. It’s a great satisfaction when we realize how we’re able to communicate uniquely through music without saying a single word.
What are your next projects for La Pingo’s Orquesta?
Gerardo Castmu – An album will be released in May produced by Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, Robert Plant, PJ Harvey, etc.); we recorded in Mexico in a studio, and it’s a live session. In 2018 we will play in Hong Kong on next March 1st and in Java Jazz Fest in Indonesia on March 3rd. We will surely continue also to promote our album Peregrino and we would like it a lot to bring our music to other countries too.
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