Antonio Sánchez & Migration
Moncalieri Jazz Festival (Italy)

The four time Grammy Award winner Antonio Sánchez with his Migration band performed at Moncalieri Jazz Festival. Chais Baird (sax), John Escreet (piano/keys), Orlando le Fleming (bass) e Thana Alexa (vocals) played with the famous drummer. Photo reportage by Leonardo Schiavone for Jazzespresso.

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Antonio Sanchez
Bad Hombre
CAM Jazz, 2017

CAM Jazz will release on next November 29 the new Antonio Sanchez album, Bad Hombre. The album contains about 55 minutes of music written, arranged, played and produced by Sanchez himself, who played drums, keyboards, electronics and vocals. The musician himself describes his work as the result of a cathartic creativity process in which he mixed the rage for the present political situation in the USA, his Mexican heritage and the healing power of playing his instrument.

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