June 24, 2018
34° JazzAscona Festival Jazz, Switzerland

JJ Thames, lead singer – Yann Cuyeu, guitar – Cédric le Goff hammond B3 – Kris Jefferson, bass – Fabrice Bessouat, drums – Thanks to Luca Martinelli ( PO ) e Nicolas Gilliet ( NicOLAsound )s – Reportage Luca Vantusso for LKV Photo Agency

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34th edition of the JAZZASCONA 2018 Festival

As every year, for 10 days starting from June 21 the town of Ascona, in Switzerland, turns itself into a New Orleans’ district, where you can really listen to top quality music. The Ascona Jazz Festival reached its 34th edition, and this year also it was able to give us great emotions and wonderful acts to remember. We had the chance to listen to great artists performing on the stages set-up on the lakefront, and this already consolidated pattern this year again allowed an always increasing number of persons attend the shows in the different venues.

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