Wes Montgomery
The incredible Jazz guitar of Wes Montgomery
Riverside 1960

Wes Montgomery (1923-1968), the most impostant guitarist in the history of jazz music, was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. His age just happened to connect Swing and Bebop inheritance, and later Hard-bop and Post-bop: during…

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Lee Konitz Plays with The Gerry Mulligan Quartet
World Pacific Records, 1992 Reissue

Lee Konitz (October 13, 1927) was born in a Jewish family in Chicago. When he was a little kid he liked to listen to the radio broadcast with his brother. The famous clarinettist Benny Goodman deeply influenced him…

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Wynton Marsalis
Black Codes From the Underground
CBS, 1985

Wynton Marsalis is a very talented trumpet player born in 1961 in New Orleans, Louisiana, in a musical family: his father Ellis Marsalis Jr. was a jazz pianist. Marsalis is also the Jazz Art Director of the Lincoln Center in New York City…

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