December 21, 2018
Sarah Jane Morris at Milan’s Blue Note

The english singer Sarah Jane Morris performed at Milan’s Blue Note.  She was accompanied by her band, featuring Martyn Barker (drums) Tony Remy (guitar) Henry Thomas (bass) Tim Cansfield (guitar) Anders Olinder (piano).
> Photographs by Luca Vantusso/LKV Photo Agency

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March 12, 2018
Fabrizio Bosso bewitches Bollate audience

The usual annual appointment with the Bollate Jazz Meeting began on last March 12. The event, particularly dedicated to the trumpet, was opened at Splendor Theater by the State of the Art, Fabrizio Bosso quartet, featuring Julian Oliver Mazzariello on piano, Nicola Angelucci on drums and Jacopo Ferrara on double bass.
> Angela Bartolo – Photographs by Luca Vantusso

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October 22, 2018
Jamison Ross Quartet from Ascona’s Jazz Cat Club to Milan’s Blue Note

Directly from New Orleans, the very young talents of the Jamison Ross Quartet performed at the Swiss Jazz Club, to go then to Milan’s Blue Note, with the leader on vocals and drums, Cory Irvin on organ, Chris Pattishall on piano, Barry Stephenson on double bass and Rick Lollar on guitar.
> Angela Bartolo – Photographs by Luca Vantusso

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