Drumgenius: an espresso with Mauro Battisti

Mauro Battisti is a brilliant double bass player who, obsessed with rhythm and its secrets, has created an app to study it at its best, “Drumgenius”, which has already enjoyed a great international success. We interviewed him.

> Ivano Rossato 

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December 17, 2018
Flavio Boltro BBB Trio at Turin’s Milk

Flavio Boltro played in Turin, with his BBB Trio, on December 17th. The setlist was based upon their new “Spinning” CD: it was a night of intense and passionate jazz. The concert was part of the series taking place at Milk every Monday – known as “MILK jazz WAY”. The “BBB” acronym comes from the surnames in the trio’s lineup: Flavio Boltro (trumpet), Mauro Battisti (bass), Mattia Barbieri (drums).  
Photo reportage by Stefano Barni for Jazzespresso.

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Grupo Nativo Estrangeiro
I suoni della Piazza – Turin (Italy)

Grupo Nativo Estrangeiro is a band featuring the Brazilian percussionist Gilson Silveira, as well as crossover and avant-gard musicians, like the trumpeter Giorgio Li Calzi, who is also the artistic director of the Torino Jazz Festival. The musicians have been interviewed by Eugenio Mirti and Federica Di Bari. Giorgio Li Calzi: trumpet, electronics, Enrico Degani: guitar, Mauro Battisti: bass, Gilson Silveira: drums, percussions – Photo reportage by Leonardo Schiavone for Jazzespresso

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