Renee Rosnes
Beloved of the Sky
Smoke Session, 2018

Smoke Sessions announces the release of Beloved of the Sky, the new album by Renée Rosnes. The Canadian pianist and composer is accompanied by a top level group featuring Chris Potter on sax, Steve Nelson on vibraphone, Peter Washington on…

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Vincent Herring
Hard Times
Smoke Session, 2017

Hard Times, Vincent Herring’s new record is published by the Smoke Session label; the album contains 11 tracks recorded by the American saxophone player, accompanied by his band featuring Cyrus Chestnut on piano, Yasushi Nakamura on double bass, and Carl Allen on drums, with special guests, in some tracks, Brad Mason on trumpet, Sam Dillon on saxophone, Steve Turre on trombone, Russel Malone on guitar and Nicolas Beardealla on vocals.

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