Jazz Photography
Tom Marcello

Image Credits: © Tom Marcello

Tom Marcello has portrayed many important personalities in the jazz world. His classic style, connected to the pre-digital photography era, is completed by a fine narrative ability, arising especially in ambient portraits.

Leonardo Schiavone

Who’s Tom Marcello?
I am a Real Estate developer in the Rochester, NY area. 62 years old.
Why Jazz photography? Are you only interested in Jazz?
I’ve been a Jazz fan since I was 14 years old when I worked at a Jazz club in Rochester.A local photographer, Louis Ouzer was a early influence, and his work inspired me to take photos of musicians I loved.
An anectdote about your relationship with jazz people?
I’ve had many friendships with musicians (vibraphonist Joe Locke is my best friend), through the years.
Dizzy Gillespie was a friend and he also had a interest in photography. I spent many nights with him talking photograph and other subjects of mutual interest, or rather he talked and I listened!
Your recomandations for beginners?
In low light situations always look to position yourself at a right angle to the light, and wait for the moment to be captured.
If the moment arrives and the light is not there, don’t take the picture!
Be respectful to the performers.
What’s your favorite camera?
A good lens is more important than the camera. A good 35mm lens is essential.
The pic you’d wish to have taken?
Too many, but at least I have the musical memories.

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