Luca Vantusso Mario Biondi
Luca Vantusso Archie Shepp
Erminio Garotta: Cory Wong
G. Lloyd Christian McBride
Luca Vantusso John McLaughlin
Luca Vantusso Dee Dee Bridgewater
Angela Bartolo Enrico Intra

Angela Bartolo: Enrico Intra, Portrait, 2019.
Luca Vantusso Alberto Mandarini
Luca Vantusso Elizabeth Troy
Luca Vantusso Spencer Brown
Luca Vantusso Iverson Sanders
Melanie Futorian Maceo Parker
Luca Vantusso Milán Mario Biondi Retrato Jazzespresso 2019

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Luca Vantusso Archie Shepp Milán Retrato Jazzespresso 2019

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