2017, May 15-21


Roland Kirk was born in Columbus on May 15th, 1936.
• Roland Kirk 1936
• El día 15 de mayo de 1936 Roland Kirk
nacía en Columbus .


• May 16, 1928: Jimmie Noone records ”Four or Five Times”.
• 1928516: Jimmie Noone錄製 ”Four or Five Times”
• El día 16 de mayo de 1928 Jimmie Noone graba ” Four or Five Times”.

• Jackie McLean was born in New York on May 17th, 1932.
• Jackie McLean 1932
517日出生於 纽约
• El día 17 de mayo de 1932 Jackie McLean
nacía en New York.

• Pops Foster was born in Mc Call on May 18th, 1892.
• Pops Foster 1892 518日出生於 Mc Call
• El día 18 de mayo de 1892 Pops Foster nacía en Mc Call.

• Sonny Fortune was born in Philadelphia on May 19th, 1939.
• Sonny Fortune1939
519日出生於 费城
• El día 19 de mayo de 1939 Sonny Fortune
nacía en Philadelphia.

• May 20, 1935: Mills Blue Rhythm Band records ”St. Louis Wiggle Rhythm”.
• 1935520: Mills Blue Rhythm Band 錄製 ”St. Louis Wiggle Rhythm”
• El día 20 de mayo de 1935 Mills Blue Rhythm Band graba ”St. Louis Wiggle Rhythm”.

Christian McBride was born in Philadelphia on May 21th, 1972.
• Christian McBride 1972
521日出生於 费城
• El día 21 de mayo de 1972 Christian McBride nacía en Philadelphia


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