Damian Erskine 達米安·厄斯金

Damian Erskine is a bass player well known for his ability to fit into almost any musical situation, extraordinary reading skills and his ability to improvise; he is an educator and a columnist as well. We interviewed him.

> Luca Vantusso

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Sonia Spinello Quintet
Cafe Society
Abeat, 2018

Café Society 是 Sonia Spinello 繼前兩張專輯 Billie Holiday Project 以及 Wonderland 之後,為 Abeat 唱片公司所推出的第三張專輯。這位義大利爵士女歌手在 Cafè Society 這張專輯中,重新演繹了數首美國流行金曲簿的經典曲目…

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